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~Clarence Darrow

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Services for Persons with Disabilities ... Policy Documents Update

Big News!

I was just advised that the Department of Community Services will be putting their three new policies

up on their website very soon. This is great news because now families and caregivers will be able to see for themselves exactly what the eligibility and other guideslines are for each program.

In addition, it allows me to do what I've been waiting for; namely, post the details about each new policy and link you to the actual policy documents.

As soon as I receive the link, I will post it.
And the info on each new policy will be up soon.

Update: New Post on Direct Family Support ...

Update II: New posts on Independent Living Support...

Upate III: New post son Alternative Family Support ... and

What's in A Name... A Summary of the'new' Services for Persons with Disabilities Program

Update IV ... The Big Update: The Direct Family Support, Independent Living Support and Alternative Family Support policy documents can now be found on the Dept of Community Services website.

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