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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Your Immediate Attention Is Required

Update: The NSACL press conference scheduled for 10 am tomorrow morning is cancelled. The Association, Nichele Benn and her family wish to thank the Department of Community Services for their attentiveness to Nichele's needs. Nichele will remain in the community with her supports.

Please circulate this message. We apologize for any inconvenience but are so very happy for Nichele.

Received this missive through the email chain today and thought I better pass it on. Anyone local to Halifax, it would be much appreciated if you could attend.

As background, you might remember that we have discussed the various programs available under the Services for Persons with Disabilities program before. Sounds like this young woman might have been in the Alternative Family program.

You might also remember one of the initial posts on this blawg back in August of last year concerning the Province's announcement that they planned to spend $19million to RENOVATE an aging institution outside New Glasgow and to build 3 replacement group homes. At that time, I noted that this had more than a few groups concerned. My best guess is that this is part of the fallout.
Subject: Family needs support
Importance: High

There is a young woman who lives in the community with another family. She has lived with this family for over 5 years and there are extra supports provided to meet her needs. Community Services agree that she has made progress. She wants to stay there. Her own family wants her to stay there. The family she lives with wants her to stay. Her doctor has written to Community Services to say she should stay.

Community Services are opening the new institution in Lower Sackville next month. They have told the Mom that the young woman must move to the institution when it opens. They have told her, and repeated it today, that they will withdraw funding if she refuses the move.

NSACL is holding a press conference on Thursday at 10am, at the Delta Halifax, Baronet Room 6. (right beside Scotia Square).

I know this is short notice but time is of the essence. They need a show of support. Please try to attend and encourage others. Community Services intends to re-assess all people receiving support from the Services for Persons with Disabilities Program. Someone you love could be affected.

Speakers will include the Mom, People First, another family and a

Mary Rothman

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