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and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever
~Clarence Darrow

Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp Triumph 2008

Not Legal Per Se But ...

It's never easy having a sibling with special needs. Just ask a child in that position. Be they older or younger and no matter how much they love their challenged sibling, family dynamics are irrevocably changed. The younger child is now the 'big sister'. The older child is big brother to a child who may never 'grow up'. Time and money are often diverted, by necessity, to the challenged sibling.

The same can be said for a child with a sibling with a chronic illness. And as we all know, chronic illness and disability often go hand in hand.

Perhaps not the solution, but certainly a much-welcomed respite for your other child, Camp Triumph is a FREE residential summer camp located in Prince Edward Island providing opportunities for these children to experience new activities and have fun with childrne who are experiencing similar experiences.

There are still many spaces available for this summer.

What are you waiting for?


Erin said...

This is a great idea. I looked into having a weekly group for siblings in my area several years ago using a program call Sibshops. It's a great program, but the group didn't pan out at that time due to various factors.

MMC said...

It's always tough to find activities and resources to meet siblings' needs ... trust me, I know!

Can you tell me more about Sibshops?