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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Saga Continues

The saga continues. Across the country, it seems.
Exciting news! Yet another province has decided to exempt the RDSP from affecting Disability Benefits. Saskatchewan put out a news release earlier today from the Ministry of Social Services indicating that the RDSP will not affect the calculations for those receiving social assistance, exempting both the RDSP as an asset and income.

In a statement found in the news release the Minister of Social Services for Saskatchewan Donna Harpauer is quoted as saying, “the exemption of RDSP assets and income from social assistance calculations makes sense for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it will encourage individuals with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to create RDSPs without having to worry that the assets will be clawed back when withdrawals are made on behalf of the beneficiaries.”

This a a very exciting development for people in Saskatchewan as it now means they, along with BC, Newfoundland, and Yukon, can fully utilize the benefits that the RDSP
provides. The Saskatchewan Government has shown progressive and forward-thinking leadership in this move to exempt the RDSP and should be commended for this exemption of the RDSP.

Exciting news, indeed.

Although it does beg the question ... what (if anything) might be up in Nova Scotia? If any of my readers has even an inkling of an answer to that question, I would very much appreciate hearing it.

Perhaps we are just waiting to be last in the door?

* The official announcement can be found here.

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