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Friday, October 10, 2008

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Good news, this.
The Canadian Association for Community Living has developed a disability specific analysis of Federal election platforms for the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and the Green Party of Canada.

CACL does not endorse any particular party or platform; the purpose of this analysis is to provide an overview of commitments to persons with disabilities. To see where the parties stand on disability please click here http://www.cacl.ca/infoat/

There is also the general election information and links to both INFO@ at www.cacl.ca/english/government/elections.asp
According to the website the analysis uses the three issues CACL identified as election priorities as the benchmarks for reviewing party platforms; namely,

  1. Poverty – Making the Disability Tax Credit refundable for low income Canadians and establishing specific participation targets for persons with disabilities within Labour Market Agreements;

  2. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Ratifying by March 2009; and

  3. Inclusive and Accessible Communities – ensuring adequate financial investment to create inclusive and accessible communities; incorporating a disability lens in regards to general investments, government polices and programs to ensure that new and continued investments are inclusive and not creating new barriers and obstacles for people with disabilities

So check it out and make your vote count on October 14th.

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