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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just So You Know ... Date For RDSP Extended

Just so you know ... it's still not too late to take advantage of the government's 2008 Grant and Bond even if you haven't yet gotten around to opening a RDSP.

While you were no doubt dreaming of sugar plums (or, at the very least, the incoming bills demanding immediate payment for said sugar plums), the federal government announced on December 23, 2008, that any contributions made to a RDSP by March 2, 2009, will be considered as 2008 contributions and thus eligible for the Grant and Bond.

Which is good news considering that when 2008 ended, the Bank of Montreal was still the only bank offering the RDSP. Between that and Christmas, there's a fair chance that many of us might not have gotten around to doing what we know we need to. So here's you chance.

Just remember that magic date ~ March 2, 2009.

H/T to RDSP Blog


Anonymous said...

Is the RDSP available for Nova Scotians yet without any clawback. I know other provinces have passed legislation exempting this but I am not sure Nova Scotia has. Does anybody know? Please write back

MMC said...

The short answer to that question is No. As in "No Word Yet, Still Waiting...".

Anonymous said...

Thanks I appreciate you answering. Where would i go for more information? Nova scotia is certainly dragging their heals on this one!