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~ Niccolo Machiavelli, historian and writer

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Legal Links Telephone Service

I just received word that Dalhousie Legal Aid launched a new Legal Links project in February. The service is intended to provide a brief consultation to persons in need of assistance with legal issues related to
  • Public/Metro Housing

  • Income Assistance

  • CPP Disability Appeals

  • Debt and Disability Issues

  • Human Rights

  • Police Complaints

  • NS Power Cut-offs
By calling (902) 423-8105, you can be connected to a "senior law student" for some advice, referrals or to schedule a meeting to discuss your circumstances further.

"Senior law students" are in their third and final year at Dalhousie Law School. They work closely with and are very carefully monitored by five staff lawyers.

And never fear, even if you reside outside of Halifax, provided you can make the logistics work, you still can access the services provides by Dalhousie Legal Aid Service.

It's a very good program, both from the point of the public (you) and the students. Trust me, I once was one. Of the students, that is. We just won't say how many years ago that was.

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