"As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected
and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever
~Clarence Darrow

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most Excellent

I've done a fair bit of political lobbying in my life, from way back in the way back, when I worked with a group dedicated to ending poverty for third world children until I took on the job of advocating for my own children and others in this Province.

The problem with policitial lobbying being, as I know many of you can attest, that you can do a whole lot of lobbying and get no very little results.  Which is why so many of us (are tempted to) give up, no?

Well, they say there is a first time for everything and today I might just be a believer.

Some of you might remember, back in March, when I asked for your help in writing to your MLA and the Minister of Community Services concerning the "gap year" faced by families in Nova Scotia when their young adult children are between the ages of 18 and 19.  Lose the Child Tax Benefit (including the Disability Supplement) from the federal govertnment with nothing to replace it from the Province until the child turns 19.

You might also recall a post last month where I expressed hope that maybe, just maybe, we had been successful in that regard. My MLA, Ramona Jennex, had told me that even though there had been no media coverage (and nothing apparent on a review of the gov't website), there was indeed a line in the budget to address the gap year issue. But we all know how that goes, seeing is believing, right?

Well, my good friends, I am overjoyed to tell you that today I received an actual (snail mail) letter from the Minister of Community Services, Denise Peterson-Rafuse, herself, advising that
... this issue will be addressed through a transitional allowance for families in the Direct Family Support for Children Program and has been apporoved for implementation. While the details of the funding allowance have not yet been finalized, it is our intention to make this funding available to families in the Direct Family Support for Children Progam starting on July 1, 2011.  Eligible families will be contacted with further details once they are finalized.
So that, it would appear, is that.

Good on us, I say. 

Give yourselves a pat on the back, maybe crack open a bottle of something bubbly this evening.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Enjoy.  Something tells me we just might need this feeling of accomplishment for what lies ahead.

And, of course, I would be terribly remiss not to offer many, many thanks both to Ramona Jennex and Minister Peterson-Rafuse. I know that Ms. Jennex personally (and repeatedly) brought this issue forward with the Minister and I really appreciate her efforts on our behalf.

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