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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two Fer

Just a heads-up in case anybody missed it - I will be giving two presentations (hence the title of this post) at the Keshman Goodman Library (330 Lacewood Drive) in Halifax this Saturday (November 26th). The first  will be on the Henson Trust and it's use in Nova Scotia and the second (much longer) presentation will cover Supported Decision-Making and Legal Guardianship in Nova Scotia.

I've written extensively about both these topics on the blawg so if you're a wee bit confused (or simply don't have the energy to plough throw the myriad of posts), this will be a good chance to either learn it from scratch or have your questions answered.

The show starts at 1:30 and I look forward to seeing you.

Incidentally, there's no cost for this event, which is being graciously hosted by HACL.

Please RVSP by calling the Halifax Assoociation for Community Lirving @ 463-4752 or email Yvetter or Lisa at famsupporthacl@eastlink.ca. 

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