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Friday, February 10, 2012

Step By Step ~ The Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit

I have an idea percolating in my head and I would really appreciate your thoughts on it.

A participant in a recent Supported Decision Making and Legal Guardianship presentation suggested that they would like to see a workshop held on the Legal Guardianship Kit, itself; one where the Kit would be gone through step by step.

I am really excited with this idea (and sorry I didn't think of it myself!) and think it could be very useful, both for those who have already purchased the Kit but not yet taken the plunge and for those who have (and will) seriously consider the Kit but just aren't quite sure it's something they could do.

I have yet to figure out the logistics of exactly what this might look like but what I am thinking of at the moment is a small group (of no more than 10 people) where we would go through a power point presentation of each document in the Kit, one at a time, with the opportunity for questions to be asked and answered.

I realize that many people are intimidated by the Legal Guardianship Kit. But there is no doubt in my mind that although the process involves a fair bit of work, in many (most?) situations it is more than doable for the average person with no legal training. So I am thinking a workshop where we go through the Legal Guardianship Kit step by step might be just what the doctor (or lawyer) ordered.

Although there would be a fee for attending such a workshop, as it would involve a fair time commitment on my part (both in creating and delivering it), I have not yet settled on a price. However, at this point, I would like to gauge interest in such a workshop before proceeding with the work involved in creating it.

So what do you think?

Might such a workshop be something you would be interested in attending?

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