"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."
~ Napoleon Hill

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where I'm At ...

A friend recently pointed out that I haven't been posting much on the blawg. No surprise there, I knew that. But after giving it some more thought, I thought an explanation might be called for.

First things first, I have not given up on this blawg. I cannot imagine ever doing so ... strange as it may sound, it's my baby. I have been doing this for over 4 years now and will continue to do it for many more. Perhaps for as long as it's needed. Wouldn't it be nice to work myself out of a job? Well, a girl can always dream...

But the reason I've been posting less often recently is two-fold:
  • I recently took on some new temporary contract work. The work will only last a few months (and I'm pretty well half-way through it now) but it seems to be incredibly time-consuming. I'm actually enjoying the work (Learning Guide Facilitator for a portion of the Bar Admission Course - fancy way to say teacher/marker) but it seems to suck up the little "free time" I had. Fortunately, however, it won't be permanent.
  • Secondly, my work situation is in a bit of state of flux at the moment. Between now and the end of April I will be ending my work as a digester for the Barristers' Library - sadly, they have made the decision to get out of the publishing business. But on a practical level, that means I am trying to do as much work for them as I can at the moment. The well will soon run dry.
So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I feel bad about not posting as much as I would like (as I've said before, the problem I generally face is lack of time, not lack of material) but I am doing my best to keep the "Places To Be" section  in the sidebar up-to-date. So might I suggest that if/when you check in to see there are no new postings, you scroll halfway down the page and check out "Places To Be".  You might just be plesaantly surprised.

HACL has been (and continues to be) busy with a series of workshops for parents - personally, I am looking forward to the Circles workshop on Saturday, March 24th.  There will also be an "Emotions to Advocacy "workshop on April 21st (material from Wrightslaw - I hope everyone is familiar with that site).

I will be giving another series of presentations on The Henson Trust and Supported Decision Making and Legal Guardianship in Nova Scotia on March 31st, this time in Clare, so if you happen to live down that way, I would love to meet you!

And who could forget the Autism Awareness Centre's Workshop coming up April 13th and 14th.

And for something totally different (at least I've never seen such a thing before), a Big School" Here I Come! program will be held August 21 -23, with orientation on June 9th. For children with a physical disability or acquired brain injury (psst ... my experience is nobody sticks to those guidelines all that much - I would suggest giving them a call if you have a child with autism or intellectual challenges or ... you get the picture) entering elementary school in September 2012, the program is to give them a chance to work with a team of rehabilitation professionals on skills to increase their independence and prepare them for “Big School”.  Sounds cool... wish we had something similar when my two started school. Would you believe my youngest turned 16 today?  Where does the time go?

And that's just a taste of the items in the sidebar under "Places To Be". So please do check them out.

And hang in there with me ... we will be back! After all, where else would I go?


Anonymous said...

schedule in a vacation and let me know when--I think we're both booking about a year out !

Jean said...

Good to hear from you.

MMC said...

Thanks, Jean. Sounds good Anonymous, but it we're going to schedule our vacation, I need to know who you are! ;-)