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Saturday, May 19, 2012

On The Lighter Side


Something that's all too common for children with special needs. And definitely a topic with no "lighter side".  But have you noticed that the topic seems to be all the rage lately? Yeah, I know, kind of hard to miss.

There's a post a'percolating in my head on just this - I know there is because I seem to be constantly finding and saving interesting links on the subject lately.

But not now. No, not today.

Today feels feels way too much like a beautiful summer today to delve into the dark depths of that subject.

So instead, because it is such a beautiful day (and because the school year will soon start winding down), I offer you the lighter side of special education - courtesy of Wrightslaw.

Sure, some of the wording is a littte different - for example, IEP = IPP - and "due process hearings" are a cocept that a parent in Nova Scotia might well drool over but when you got right down to it, really, special education is special education no matter where you go.

And last but most certainly not least:

Education Buzzwords: Image and Reality

So go ahead, have a chuckle. Laugh it up a bit.

Something tells me that other topic will still be around tomorrow.

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