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Monday, June 18, 2012

Oldies But Goodies

Check out this list of  Psychology For You* parenting videos available from the IWK.

And don't forget to check out their list of Upcoming Presentations!

  • An Overview of a Treatment Approach for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Feb 9/09)
  • Parenting the Young Worrier: Tips and Strategies (Jan 12/09)
  • Parenting Youth with Chronic Illness (Nov 24/08)
  • Early Detection and Treatment of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Oct 6/08)
  • Too Scared to Speak: Helping Your Child Overcome Shyness or Selective Mutism (Sept 22/08)
  • Helping Children Cope with Anxiety and Fears
  • How To Talk To Teens About Weight in a Weight Obsessed World (Dec 7/07)
  • Seeking Common Ground: Managing Challenging Adolescent Behaviour (Nov 20/07)
  • Hands-On Strategies for Helping Children who have ADHD (Oct 23/07)
  • Getting Your Children to School when they Refuse to Go (Sept 18/07)
  • Stress Management and Relaxation (Jun 12/07)
  • The Stepparent - Stepchild Relationship: Strategies For Helping Youth Adjust To A New Family (Apr 17/07)
  • "Mom, My Stomach Hurts!": Helping Children With Recurrent Pains (Jan 16/07)
  • Navigating the School System: The Art of Advocacy for Parents of Children with Special Needs (Oct 3/06)
  • When Your Children Fight (Sep 12/06)
  • Parenting Children With Behavioural Difficulties (Apr 25/06)
  • Eating Disorders: Why Treat Children Differently Than Adults (Feb 28/06)
  • Treating Childhood Obesity: What Parents and Professionals Can Do To Help (Jan 10/06)
  • Sleep During the Early Years: Common Difficulties and Strategies to Help (March 2009) 

* Psychology for You is an education series provided by IWK Psychologists as a free, public service to the Maritime Community. The videos above are recordings of previous presentations from January 2006 - March 2009.

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