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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Primer on ... Guardianship

While collecting links for that last post, I came across an interesting collection (the majority of them new) of legal websites that actually discuss adult guardianship in Nova Scotia.

That was quite surprising given that the last time I checked (admittedly maybe six to twelve months ago), there appeared to be a distinct lack of helpful sites on the subject. Lots to be found on child guardianship in Nova Scoita, to be sure; but not so much on adult guardianship.

At any rate, nice person that I am, I thought I might share these sites with you. So here goes:
  • Guardianship of Adults (Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia) -
    It's nice to see that the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia has finally completed the adult guardianship section on their site. The page answers the most basic burning questions, such as:
    What is guardianship? 
    Who is an incompetent person? 
    Who can be a guardian? 
    How is a guardian appointed? 
    Are there protections if the guardian fails in their duties? 
    What are the responsibilities of a guardian? 
    What is included in an inventory? 
    How does a guardianship end? 
    What does a guardianship application cost? 
    Are their alternatives to guardianship? 
    It also provides a list of places where one can go to get more information on the subject. Given that online information is only as good as its source I would highly recommend the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia's site.
  • Guardianship of Adults (Taylor MacLellan Cochrane)- A word of caution with this one: although I included it because it sets out a lot of important and related information in an easy-to-read manner, it is a little out of date.
    Meaning it would be best to tread carefully (and carry a big stick) through the material under the heading "Court Hearings" on p.4 (you will see it refers to there being two separate court hearings (this is no longer the case  - basically, we just start with the "second hearing" - there is no "first hearing" anymore) and amount set out as "Lawyer's Fees" on p. 6 (fees have obviously increased significantly since the making of this document).
    However, other than those two things, it looks like it would be well worth your time.
    Note to Taylor MacLellan Cochrane: You really need to update the material on your website.
So lots of good information there, to be sure, if you have the desire need to learn more about how guardianship works in this Province.

Of course, there is another great source of information available online on guardianship in Nova Scotia made available by yours truly. I just wouldn't want you to forget. '-)

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