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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Legal News - Short But Sweet

For some reason, a phrase my Mom used to use, "a lick and a promise", seems to come to mind a lot lately. I am particularly fond of it when it comes to dusting, which truly seems to be a *chore* for me.

At any rate, today I give you the legal equivalent of a lick and a promise.

Although touted for family law litigants, this new workbook [the link will also be added to the sidebar under the "Helpful Links In General" heading] now available for self-represented parties in the Province looks like it might well prove at least somewhat useful  for all self-represented litigants, no matter the legal issue.

On another positive note, a free legal clinic is being launched this week at the Halifax Law Courts.
Beginning on September 17, people who want to resolve their legal problems in court will have access to free legal advice and information at the Halifax Law Courts (Upper Water Street). The “Free Legal Clinic” will open its doors.

One morning each week, self-represented litigants will have an opportunity to meet with a volunteer lawyer and a volunteer law student in private. During the 60-minute sessions, they will offer litigants basic advice and guidance to help them through their anticipated court appearances in the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal.

The Clinic is not “needs-based”, meaning that a person’s income has nothing to do with whether or not they qualify for the free service.

The sessions will be held by appointment only. The advice and information offered is limited to civil law cases before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and to family law cases (except child protection matters) before the Court of Appeal. ...

[Click on the link to learn more, as they say.]
All in all, a good step forward, I should think.
Let's hope it's a sign of more good things to come.

*Until we meet again, mes amis.*