"The first step is clearly defining what you’re after because without knowing that, you’ll never get it."
~ Halle Barry

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Keep Calm and FaceBook On

It has definitely proven a lot more difficult to keep up with blogging since I've returned to practice as a disability lawyer, but do not fear; A Primer on Special Needs and the Law is not going anywhere.

I know this blawg provides a valuable service for the disability community and yes, I actually do enjoy blogging (not that you would know it by the significant decrease in posting over the past few years). It's here to stay.

However, I would like to point people to my FB page, where you will find posts of a somewhat more regular nature. Notice I didn't say you would find daily, weekly or even monthly posts, just somewhat more regular posting.

My FB posts for today and tomorrow, for example, both deal with articles I recently came across in a legal newsletter. Once upon a time, at least one of those articles would have been turned into a blog post. But alas, time is short so I do what I can.

On another note, no, I have most assuredly not forgotten about the much-promised revamped Nova Scotia Adult Representation Kit. It's just that I've been spending more time actually applying for representation on behalf of my clients than reworking the product, which, depending on your point of view could be a very good/bad thing.

And, should you require more, you can always contact me through the MMC Legal Services site. I am always happy to chat.

* Yeah, I know, my apologies for the post's title. It was either that or "When in Doubt, FaceBook". 
The lesser greater of two evils, perhaps?