"The first step is clearly defining what you’re after because without knowing that, you’ll never get it."
~ Halle Barry

Thursday, October 17, 2019

"Where Is This Nova Scotia Legal Representation Kit of Which You Speak?"

No apologies this time for the length of time I've went without posting - I simply don't have the time for apologies. And, yes, I do realize how sad that sounds ...

However, realizing there's something I have been meaning to pass on to you for the past few months, I thought I better do so now.


The rumours of the death of the Nova Scotia Legal Representation Kit have been greatly exaggerated. By which I mean I have been making a concerted effort to (as much as possible) work on the Kit every Sunday for the past few months.

Yes, I said "effort", not "have been", but we all know what life is like. I am, however, committed to (if at all possible*) creating a user-friendly self-help Kit for families seeking representation of a loved in Nova Scotia.

Looking back, it literally took me a few years to create the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit, working on it in my "spare time", so to speak. And that was before I returned to practice. No, I don't expect this revamp make-over Kit to take that long to complete but it's definitely not something that can be quickly or lightly done.

So, yes, it's going to take a while. But I am committed to do all I can when I can.

* "If at all possible", meaning that I am not 100% positive that it is possible to create a useful self-help Kit with respect to applying for legal representation in Nova Scotia. But, if it is possible (given the requirements of the new legislation), it will be done.