"As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected
and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever
~Clarence Darrow

Monday, June 8, 2009

Respite ... Take It Where You Can Get It

One nice thing that's come out of the Respite Solution Conferences held last fall are the Family Caregiver Weekly newsletters put out by The Nova Scotia Partnership on Respite, Family Health, and Well-Being that appear in the inbox. On a weekly basis.

In case you know not of what I speak, you can find previous copies (which include topics like Tuition Support Program, Registered Disability Savings Plan, March Break 101, Disability Tax Credit, Child Disability Benefit, Family Pharmacare, ACCESS Entertainment Card, Direct Family Support Program and Preparing for Summer and Summer Camps) here.

And speaking of respite, you really do have to take it when and where you can find it, wouldn't you agree?

I was in the big city today for an appointment and to run some personal and work errands. And being a beautiful day, I decided to do some walking as opposed to driving between my various stops. That combined with a stop at Perks for one of my favourite coffees helped the day fly by.

I stopped in at the Halifax Shopping Centre on the way home to see what I might find to blow my gift card on. The gift card being courtesy of Caregivers NS as part of a lovely Thank You gift (you really can't go wrong with a nice coffee mug or a good supply of chocolate now, can you?) after I spoke on the RDSP at the Caregivers Expo in April.

So I moseyed through the stores (many of which I use to shop at regularly but haven't been to in years) for a while but then decided that really the best way to spend that gift card was to give some tender loving care to my poor tired tootsies. And so it was.

So from me (and my feet), many thanks to Caregivers NS for my first very pedicure. And for their part in a nice little bit of respite woven into an otherwise busy day.


Mrs. R said...

Thank YOU Michelle, for your great presentation. I'm glad you enjoyed your day in Halifax; and that we had beautiful weather for it.

Anonymous said...

Seldom do we treat ourselves and what a gift when we do. Good for you!