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Sunday, August 5, 2012

June 2012 Services for Persons with Disabilities Policy

Some of you might recall our previous discussions around the various programs offered under the Services for Persons with Disabilities (SPD) umbrella.

The policy documents  for each of those individual programs (Independent Living Support, Alternative Family and Direct Family Support) can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link on this page and then looking for the policy link on each program page.

But, lo and behold, the Department of Community Services (DCS) has now provided the policy document for the entire SPD Policy (dated June, 2012) online. The document covers both financial eligibility for the programs under the SPD umbrella and the "Basic and Special Needs Policy". 

Which, this is big news, because although you may want to first read the policy document for the individual program you are dealing with, you will definitely want to become familiar with the SPD policy itself.

And although it's next on my own personal "to do list", a little birdy has told me that if you find yourself in a dispute with the DCS (be it for yourself or a family member) around the SPD program, this new policy document might just be well worth the read.

H/T to my *little birdy*

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