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~ Albert Schweitzer

Friday, September 30, 2022

Advocacy Is What Its All About

The following is an excerpt from the Inclusion Matters September 2022 email:
On September 20, Members of Parliament debated the second reading of Bill C-22, which seeks to create the Canada Disability Benefit.

This historic legislation will implement a monthly benefit for people with a disability in Canada, with an aim to reduce poverty rates across the country for people with disabilities. While many people with intellectual disabilities and their families face increased expenses and with over 70% of people with intellectual disabilities living in poverty. This bill has the potential to make life easier for many and bring people with disabilities above the poverty line. We have never been this close before to making such a positive financial impact. 

Unfortunately, on September 28, Conservative MPs denied a unanimous motion in the House of Commons that would have fast-tracked Bill C-22. As a result, further debate and passage of the Bill will be delayed. It is now more important than ever to contact your MP and urge them to support this important foundation legislation. 

We need your help!  
By phoning or emailing your MP you can ask them to support and vote in favour of Bill C-22. We need to request that all MPs, regardless of political affiliation work collaboratively to fast-track this legislation now so people with disabilities don't have to wait any longer for this much needed financial support. Tell them your story as to why this is important to you and or your family member. 

Click here for your MP's contact info here. 
Click here to a template letter you can personalize to send to your MP. 

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