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Friday, March 31, 2023

Buried in Budget 2023 ...

Some quick snippets from Inclusion Canada concerning some positive signs from the most recent federal budget.

Frist, the provision allowing certain family members to open a RDSP on behalf of an adult with an intellectual disability has been extended and expanded.
Budget 2023 extends the “qualifying family member provision” until December 2026 and has extended this provision further to allow siblings to also become plan holders where the decision making capacity of the individual with the intellectual disability is called into question. Most importantly, the federal government has issued a call to action to the provincial and territorial governments to address issues around guardianship for people with intellectual disabilities. 

Then, the pilot of a new automatic tax filing system for individuals with disabilities.

Another subtle victory for people with intellectual disabilities in Canada: the government intends to pilot a new automatic tax filing system for vulnerable Canadians. This has the potential to remove roadblocks and improve access to government benefits and programs for people with disabilities. 

Finally, the first budgeted figure for the Canadian Disability Benefit.

Yesterday's budget committed $21.5 million to the groundwork for the development of the Canada Disability Benefit. We are encouraged by this commitment ,however we will be looking for a more substantial commitment to the actual funding of the benefit in the fall economic statement after the Bill receives royal assent. 

Carry on. 

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